What is Life Coaching?


  • Life coaching is NOT psychotherapy.  Whereas psychotherapy focuses on the past and the present, often delving into a patient’s past and inquiring into origins of behavior, coaching focuses on the present and future. The life coach assumes that their client is well-functioning and is facing a roadblock or finding it difficult to get over the next mountain to greater fulfillment.
  • Life coaching is not consulting.  A consultant is paid to advise a client based on the consultant’s expertise in a specific area.  A life coach understands that a client can generate their own solutions and create their own goals with the assistance of the coach.


  • The life coaching process empowers, encourages and motivates individuals to clearly identify, clarify and articulate their goals and desires; to develop strategies to overcome roadblocks; to identify limiting beliefs; to be accountable to their dreams; to step outside of their comfort zone to achieve their goals, and to create a plan and take actions to achieve their objectives.
  • It enables people to continue on their path toward self-improvement, balance and achievement.
  • Life coaching creates measurable, sustainable results during and after the coaching process.
  • The goal of a coach is to understand their client’s vision, needs and objectives; help clients develop plans to move quickly and easily toward their goals; provide support to ensure clients are nurtured and motivated to achieve goals; provide accountability and measurable results; and celebrate their victories.

If you are interested in life coaching with Lin, please complete this Contact Form to request a free, 30-minute consultation.

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