Mindful Communication

CommunicationThe other day, I saw a picture online of a sign on someone’s front lawn that read: “Impeach Obama”.  It got me to thinking about how, what, and why we communicate the way we do.

Questionable communicationWhen I saw that online photo, I immediately wondered what the owner of the sign wanted to accomplish with the sign.  Was it to express an opinion for passersby, or was there a greater agenda?  Or was it a call to action, to inspire people to DO something in response to the sign?  Was it to spark passersby to have an intelligent conversation, discussing the pros and cons of the message?

What did they mean by that?

Communication can be very confusing, often with mixed and unclear messages.  It can come from a place of emotion without much thought being given to the ultimate consequences of the communication, or if it’s really serving the purpose that the communicator is hoping for.

Mindful communication

UnitedIf we take a breath before we communicate, and in that breath, we take the time to consider our intent or purpose for the communication, we will be communicating mindfully.  Although it does sometimes feel good to just spout off, we should be aware that when we do, there are consequences (i.e., are we building bridges, or erecting walls).  Better yet, sometimes, when we mindfully communicate, we may actually find ourselves beginning a wonderful habit of inviting real dialogue and sharing of ideas (even politically charged ones!).

Imagine that.

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