What’s the Hurry?

In a hurryHurry

Recently, as my husband and I were out driving, a car zoomed up past us on the right shoulder of the road, cut in front of us, and then proceeded to tail the car in front of her.  My first thought was “What’s the big hurry?”  This wasn’t the first time this had happened during the day, while we were out running our regular weekend errands.  Which nicely segues into the next point: why do we call it “running” errands?  This conjures up images of dashing here and there to complete these necessary tasks that for some unknown reason can’t be done in a leisurely fashion, but need to be accomplished as quickly as possible.  What’s the hurry?

I’m sure that, anthropologically, we could look at the history of humankind and see how the impact of the Industrial Revolution, technology, and the Information Age have all enabled us to live more conveniently and accomplish more in less time.  But what has been lost in this process?

The habit of hurry

We are creatures of habit, and now we can’t seem to slow down.  We’re constantly on the run, trying to meet numerous deadlines, multi-tasking our way into oblivion (OK, I exaggerated a little bit here). But when do we actually get to slow down and enjoy our lives?  How can we find our peaceful inner voice, when we’re so busy being overwhelmed by the anxious chatter of our running (there’s that word again) internal dialogue?

It’s no wonder that we have so much trouble connecting to our true self.  It’s no wonder that we can’t sit still long enough to even try to meditate.  It’s no wonder that we experience so much stress on a daily basis that we don’t even remember what it’s like to feel calm and peaceful.


Smell the coffeeTo quote a very over-used, but to-the-point cliché, “it’s time to stop and smell the roses”. Or the coffee.  Start breaking those old hamster-wheel habits and begin some new, mindful ones.  Being mindful can begin with one simple thing, whether it’s a mindful walk, or eating a snack mindfully.  Appreciate each moment, each flavor, each smell, each sound, without thinking about what’s next.  Be in the moment and enjoy it for what it is.  It could be the start of a beautiful habit.

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2 comments on “What’s the Hurry?
  1. mathplourde says:

    Hi Lin,

    I endure the same mindless drivers you described in your intro. People have to accept that commuting is a fact of life. Saving one minute on a 20 minute trip doesn’t buy you much, but it puts your life and, most importantly, others’ lives on the line, including your loved ones.

    Since the semester has ended a couple of weeks ago, I have definitely slowed down. I now take the time to work in my garden, guilt-free of missing deadline for school. I think many people feel the need to rush because they over-commit themselves, and feel like they should be doing more.

    Thanks for the post!

    • linbmcd says:

      Hi Math,

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting. I am so glad you are able to slow down now and take the time to enjoy your garden without feeling that running in the background commentary of “I should be doing this….”. I am right there with you about our propensity to over-commit – one of the many culprits in our rush-rush mindset! – Lin

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