The Spring of the Spirit

Nature reborn

Cherry treeSpring has finally arrived – a time when renewal and rebirth is evident in the natural world that surrounds us.  Where I live, on the East Coast of the United States, crocuses, daffodils and forsythia are blooming with an explosion of yellows and whites, lilacs and mauves. Flowering dogwood and cherry trees are treating us to their wonderful scents and vibrant pinks, whites and reds.  The grass has begun to lose its brownish hue as new green grass emerges.  The air even smells different as everything around us comes to life.

Renew your spirit

ButterflyOur internal world often mimics our external world, as we emerge like butterflies from the chrysalis of winter, exulting in the freedom that the warmer weather brings to many of us. Spring is sometimes a time of new or renewed resolutions, as we restate our vows to get outside more to walk and lose some extra weight, or just to revel in the renewal of Nature.  Spring even spawns the infamous “spring cleaning”, which for so many of us becomes a metaphor for cleaning out the clutter in our internal lives and renewing our souls.

Do we have to wait for Spring to revitalize our spirits?  I don’t think so.  It just seems to be easier as our external world seems to support our emerging internal state.  But consider this: maybe it is ALWAYS a great time to renew our spirits!  In fact, this renewal can even help pull us out of the doldrums on the grayest of days.  How can you renew your spirit?

Remembering joy

JoyYou already know how to renew your spirit.  You may have just forgotten as you have become caught up in your daily tasks, the “requirements of life”, the “should’s” and “have to’s”.  So try to remember the things that bring you joy (that you probably often feel too busy to take time for).  It may be sitting down with a good book, having a cup of tea on a dreary day, or listening to music that makes you feel great.  It may be taking a walk outside in the park, or completely engrossing yourself in playing with your children.  It may be as simple as turning off your cell phone for two hours so you don’t feel constantly “on-demand”.   If you meditate, that in itself may be exactly what you need for a soul renewal.  Whatever it is, it will make you feel good, refreshed, and renewed.

If you’re clueless about what might renew you, don’t worry.   It will come to you.  Start paying attention.  When you smile, take note of what made you smile.  When you laugh, pay attention.  When you feel peaceful and calm, recognize what is happening.

Be aware.

There’s no need to wait for Spring.  Every day can be the Spring of your spirit.

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