Living Your Life On Purpose

You may have read the title of this blog post, scratched your head, and wondered, “What does THAT mean?  Of course I live my life on purpose.  How else could I live my life…… by accident, unintentionally?”  The answer is, yes, and we all do or have lived this way at some point in our lives.  So let’s explore this idea of living your life on purpose.

On Purpose

Thoughtful“On purpose” is defined, among other things, as “by design”, “deliberately”, “knowingly”, “consciously”, “thoughtfully” and “intentionally”.  So then, living a life that is not on purpose is living a life that you have not designed, that is not thoughtful, and not intentional.  What does that really mean?

Let’s bring this idea into your own life.  Are you working in a job that you don’t really like, or is okay but you feel that there is something missing?  Have you been in a relationship that is convenient, but isn’t really what you want?  These are a few examples of living a life that is not by design, or on purpose. Your emotions will give you clues that you are not “on purpose”.  You may feel frustrated, anxious, or even angry.  You may try to ignore these emotions as you rationalize why you “should” stay in that non-nurturing relationship, or why you “should” stay in that so-so job.  But, although you may temporarily push those emotions under the surface, they are your inner self, telling you something very important, and you should pay attention.

Do how do you know if you are living a life that you have designed? What does living a life on purpose feel like and look like?  This will be different for each of us, because it is a life based on our own unique, individual core values, desires, and passions. So ask yourself just a few questions to begin with.  Do you feel joyful about your life?  Do you wake up in the morning feeling excited to start the day?  Do you have an understanding of what is important to you in your life, and if your life isn’t reflecting that in certain areas, why that may be?

Having a clear vision

Clear VisionIf you answered yes to the last three questions, then you are pretty connected to your inner core.  When you are connected to your inner core, or true self, then you are able to tap into a clear vision about what is important to you and what you need to feel happy and fulfilled, enabling you to intentionally and mindfully live your life to support that wonderful discovery. If you have difficulty connecting with your inner self, then there are many ways to begin that process when you are ready.  They include coaching, meditation, self-help books, and journaling.

Finally, I want to make sure you understand that there is no judgment attached to this process.  There are many reasons why any of us may not be living a life that reflects our inner desires and passions.  The important thing is that when you have that awareness, you can move on to understanding why you have made that choice.  Then you can consciously choose to remain in that circumstance, or change it.  With purpose.


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