Finding Your Inspiration

Sun in hands inspirationTalk about inspiration is everywhere: Wayne Dyer provides a roadmap on how to get from spirit to inspiration in his book Inspiration: Your Ultimate Calling.  Deepak Chopra says that the best way to relate to your brain is to inspire it, and offers a “Daily Inspiration” through his website:  The New York Times Magazine recently released an inspiration issue.  We hear the phrases “living your inspiration”, “finding your inspiration”, and “wake up to your inspiration” on many self-help, inspirational, and coaching websites (including mine), and in many books of the same nature.

What is inspiration?

Wayne Dyer interprets “inspiration” in this excerpt from Inspiration: Your Ultimate Calling:

 “I think of the word inspiration as meaning “being in-Spirit.” When we’re in-Spirit, we’re inspired…and when we’re inspired, it’s because we’re back in-Spirit, fully awake to Spirit within us. Being inspired is an experience of joy: we feel completely connected to our Source and totally on purpose; our creative juices flow, and we bring exceptionally high energy to our daily life. We’re not judging others or ourselves—we’re uncritical and unbothered by behaviors or attitudes that in uninspired moments are frustrating. Our heart sings in appreciation for every breath; and we’re tolerant, joyful, and loving.”

For those of us who don’t feel a connection to the concept of Spirit, another way of looking at this is that inspiration means being connected with your true nature, your purpose.  We each have songs inside of us waiting to be sung.  We each have stories begging to be told.  We each have passions yearning to be fulfilled.  We are all creative beings with our own unique, precious talents that are gifts to us and the Universe. For many of us, they are patiently waiting to be joyfully expressed and experienced

How do you find your inspiration, and where does it come from?

Walk through natureInspiration can come from anywhere and everywhere and it will be different for each of us.  For some, it can be found in nature, and the many different ways of experiencing nature. For others, it can be found through the stillness of meditation, or through the practice of yoga.  Some will find it listening to their favorite music, reading inspirational quotes, reading a self-help book, or through life coaching sessions.

If you are just not sure about how to connect with your inspiration, first start by letting go of all of your expectations, and be open to anything.  Think about what brings you joy and experience it.  Experiencing those moments of joy fully helps you to connect with what’s going on inside of you.  When I feel stuck and disconnected from my inspiration, the key that unlocks my inspiration door is almost always music.  Music brings me joy, it calms me, it energizes me, and it helps me reconnect with who I am and what inspires me. When I am fully engaged with music, there is no room for internal dialogue or judgment about what I should or should not be doing.

A special note on meditation:  Don’t worry if you are not trained in meditation – you can still reap similar benefits by  finding a quiet place with no distractions and just breathing quietly.  Focus only on your breath.  Let everything else go.  Some people like quiet, soothing music playing in the background while they meditate.  Regardless of how you meditate, you may find that you connect with your inspiration as all the external and internal dialogue drops away.

For some wonderful tips on finding inspiration, click on the Tiny Buddha link below for “50 WAYS TO FIND INSPIRATION: CREATE, EXPLORE, EXPAND“. This site, by itself, can also be a wonderful source of inspiration for you.  My wish for you is to find whatever path will lead you to wake up to your own inspired life!

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