Coaching Through The Stress

tie choking stressI’ve written a number of posts about stress and the reduction of your experience of stress.  Since then, people have asked if I would put together a course or program that they could use on their own to help them learn better ways of coping with stress, and help them learn how to make decisions about when stress is “good” stress and when it is “bad” stress.

Along the same lines, I have had people ask if I was holding any workshops that they could attend to provide them with the “basics” of stress reduction.

Well, the good news is, I am working on BOTH a program AND a workshop!

Stress Reduction Program

In order to provide a program that really answers the questions that you all have, I invite you to submit any questions or ideas that you might have for content that you would specifically like covered, either by leaving a reply to this post, or by submitting your ideas confidentially in the form below.

To get you started, I’ll share one request I have already received:

“How can I cope with stress in the moment, as opposed to just learning long-term coping strategies?”


If you would be interested in attending a workshop in the Northern Delaware/Southeastern PA area, please click here to fill out an interest form.. As soon as I have completed developing the workshop, I will advertise the location and dates, in addition to sending a notification email to anyone who has signed up.

Thanks for your feedback.  Trust your intuition, enjoy the journey!

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