Letting Go, Letting In

There is so much in life to be grateful for, to cherish and to expand on.  I cherish and love my family and the bond that we have.  I cherish the friendships that I have developed over the years.  I am grateful that I have the awareness and courage to pursue my passions.  I am grateful for the opportunities that have come my way.  I have a vision of a coaching business that continues to expand.  I continue to expand my awareness and intention to live an inspired and awakened life, one that is true to my nature and desires.


GriefIt is often so hard to face letting go of the things or people or even ideas that we have cherished and been grateful for.  The most obvious example that comes to mind is the letting go of a loved one who has passed on, or is in the process of passing on.  We don’t want to lose the connection and the presence of someone who has meant so much to us.  We grieve for that loss.


Sometimes, we let go of people or things because we have realized that they are not “good” for us – they do not nourish and fulfill us. It is painful to let go of a friendship.  But as with any relationship, friendships can go through cycles that are, in part, related to the changes that the individuals are each going through.  And despite attempts to maintain the friendship, it does not seem to be able to survive those changes.  It is time to let go.


We may have to let go of material things that we feel we cannot do without.  Our attachment to those things has become so strong that we feel that if we let go of that thing, we are letting go of a part of ourselves.  That also can feel like a loss.

I find that, as we become aware of and connect with our true selves, we often have to let go of ideas and perceptions of who we think we are, and who others think we should be. Those ideas and perceptions are some of the obstacles that have gotten in the way of us living a life that we are really meant to live, but we have also let them define who we are.  Letting go of those ideas can be scary, and we can sometimes feel lost in the process.

More possibilities

Open gateAs we travel on this amazing life journey, it can be helpful to remember that when we let go, we are also making room for more possibilities.  While we grieve for a loss, we can also rejoice in what is to come.  It is also helpful to remember and accept that life is a constant process of rediscovery and awakening in every moment.  We let go of one vision and discover something new that is just as inspiring!  We let go of a dysfunctional relationship, opening ourselves to the possibility of another relationship that will feed our souls.

Let us embrace this process, this path, this journey, as we continue to discover ourselves, our world and our Universe.



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