Resolutions Throughout the Year

Happy New Year 2013

Happy New Year!

Most of us are familiar with the concept of New Year’s resolutions: before the clock strikes midnight, we review all the things in our lives that we think we’d like to change, we set new goals, and we decide how we’d like to go about reaching those goals.  This process is not unlike the coaching process, and it can provide a wonderful opportunity for personal growth.

However, I find that there are often several things lacking in this process of creating resolutions.  One glaring omission in this process is the identification of what roadblocks may have prevented us from reaching these goals in the past.  This is especially true when we find ourselves repeating the same resolutions year after year.  However, there is an even greater element in this process that needs to be considered first, and that is to possess an awareness of who we really are – our true selves – and what we REALLY need and want.  What is it that nurtures us?  What brings us joy?

Resolutions – Where Do They Come From?

All too often, our resolutions (New Year’s or other) come from a place outside of ourselves: our idea of the “ideal” weight may come from the media that promotes a certain body type; our idea of a better job may be influenced by family and friends; our idea of financial success may come from……..everywhere!  But what is it that WE truly want?

It is never too late to re-examine your New Year’s resolutions and re-set your goals and the steps to attaining those goals.  But first, make sure that those goals are what you really want; make sure they are realistic; and make sure that you are supported in your process, by friends, family or a coach.

To get you started, here are some easy steps to take to help you on your way. This is taken from the Awareness Tool which appeared in a previous blog post: “Getting From Here to There”.

Awareness Tool

This tool is a short set of questions designed to really get you thinking about where you are in your life, where you want to be, and how to get there.  Your challenge is to really spend thoughtful time with these questions.

  1. How satisfied are you NOW with the different areas of your life, i.e. spiritual, personal relationships, professional, financial, physical, emotional, etc.  List each area, and if it helps, rank it by number.
  2. What do you think gets in the way of your satisfaction in the areas where you are the least satisfied?
  3. What keeps you fulfilled in the areas where you feel the most satisfied?
  4. If you were to now envision your perfect life, without financial circumstances being a factor, what would it look, sound and feel like?  If it helps, you can describe this in terms of the different areas of your life mentioned above.
  5. What is the first or next step that you would like to take to begin to feel more fulfilled?  You can choose to describe the next step for any or all of these areas of your life.
  6. What do you need in order to take this next step?  For example, do you need to do research, do you need to consult a mentor, and so on.
  7. Sometimes, the idea of taking the next steps can be overwhelming.  So always think about this:  What can you do RIGHT NOW that will put a smile on your face?!

Good luck with creating your new resolutions. And I encourage you to Contact Me for a free coaching session if you would like guidance and support on your path to an awakened, inspired life!

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