Trusting Your Inner Wisdom

Advice – Yes or No?

How often have you turned to someone for advice about an important issue?  It might have been about a relationship that you were struggling with, or maybe you were trying to figure out whether to change jobs.  Looking for answers outside of yourself can be helpful to a point, but those answers are always going to be limited because they are filtered through other people’s’ own experiences, biases, opinions, etc.  YOU are the one who truly knows the uniqueness of yourself.

Knowing Yourself

You can find ways to know yourself better than you ever have before.  Start writing a journal.  Pay attention to what brings you joy.  (And pay attention to what does NOT bring you joy.) Check in with your body – it holds lots of clues, too.  Be aware.  And consider beginning a meditation practice.  When we begin to understand that the answers are inside of us and we trust our inner wisdom, a whole new world can open up to us that we didn’t see before.  A world of infinite possibilities.

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