Infinite Possibilities, Life Roadblocks, Comfort Zones, and Life Coaching

Boundaries and Limitations

The idea of infinite possibilities may seem unimaginable to you, but that may be because we are all so used to the idea of everything in our lives having boundaries.  For example, we physically exist within geographical boundaries.  We also define our own personal boundaries, which identify what we consider acceptable and unacceptable behaviors from others and from ourselves.

So how can we conceive of this concept of infinite possibilities?The best way to begin to understand this is to use an example that illustrates just the opposite, or the creation of limitations.  Let’s imagine that you are dissatisfied in your job.  (For some of us, this may not be difficult to imagine.)  Your next step may be to start combing the want ads for another job.  You rationalize that you need to find something that can use the skills you already have in place in your current job, so you limit your job search to a similar type of job.  You also decide that since you are used to working in a large company, you will limit your job search (even more) by looking for jobs in large companies.  Let’s say that after weeks or months of trying to find that similar job, you are finally selected for an interview.  You appear to be a perfect match, and you are offered the job.  You accept the job offer, give your employer 2 weeks’ notice, and breathe a sigh of relief.  6 months into your new job, you are feeling dissatisfied, and can’t understand why.

Limiting Beliefs and Roadblocks

Perhaps this example is too obvious, but it easily illustrates this point.  When we hold on to limiting beliefs because they help us to stay in what we perceive to be our comfort zone, we erect roadblocks along the way, regardless of whatever path we are on, and limit our possibilities.  Most likely, we are not aware that we are creating these roadblocks, which are so often the culprits that keep us from finding fulfillment and joy in our lives.

In this instance, the first roadblock was the limited belief that you should be looking for a similar job.  That may have initially kept you in what you felt was your comfort zone, but it prevented you from looking deeper.  Perhaps the reason that you were dissatisfied with your job was because of the nature of the job. If you were a software specialist, perhaps what you enjoyed the most about that job was not actually creating or installing new software, but the training that you did to teach other employees about how to use new software.

Another possible roadblock occurred when you decided to only look for jobs in large companies.  Again, you may have felt that this kept you in your comfort zone.  But perhaps one of the reasons you were dissatisfied with your job was because you felt lost within a large company, and really needed to work in a smaller environment where you could more easily connect with your co-workers.

Infinite Possibilities

This takes us back to the idea of infinite possibilities.  If we become aware of the roadblocks that we erect, and we dig deeper and explore what really inspires us, we can open ourselves up to so much more than we originally thought was possible. The first step in this process, then, is awareness.  We may be aware that we are dissatisfied, but to go any further, we will need to become of aware of not only where we want to go, but what is keeping us from getting there, and then, finally decide how we want to get there.  There are many ways to do this, and how you accomplish this is personal choice.  Some people will meditate to still their minds and gain clarity.  Some people will go to a career counselor, take a battery of personal inventories that tell them where their interests lie, and then proceed from there.  Some people will go the self-help route, reading lots of books, making connections with other similarly situated people and sharing their stories.  And some may go to a professional coach.

Life Coaching

Any and all of these are wonderful options, and what works best for one person may not work for another.  Of course, I recommend at some point engaging the services of a professional coach, such as myself.  The benefits of a coach is that you have someone who is trained to help you get unstuck and move forward, supporting you all the way. If you would like to learn more about life coaching and my services, please browse through my website.

No matter what choice or choices you make, the important thing to know is that there ARE options.  And once we start on our path of self-discovery, that journey will reveal to us the infinite possibilities that await us!

I invite you to share any of your experiences that you have had on your own personal journey by commenting on this blog. I look forward to hearing from you!

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