Meditation – Calming Your Mind to Focus on NOW

Lack of Focus

A previous blog – “Waking Up” – spoke about living our lives on autopilot.  Although the intention of that introduction was to set the stage for a brief general discussion on awakening to our lives, we can realize, if we dig deeper, that it is also a commentary on how we are often not focused on the present moment as we live our scattered, mufti-tasking lives.  We miss the opportunity to be fully engaged in, and enjoy, what is happening NOW.


If you think about it, you can see this happening on a daily basis.  You may be having a conversation with your spouse, but are worrying about whether or not you have all the ingredients for the evening’s dinner.  Or you might be talking with a friend on the phone, while at the same time scanning your emails on the computer. We experience this same lack of present-moment awareness at work as well, as we try to multi-task our way through the day.  And, as mentioned in the post “Awareness, Part 2, …..”, as soon as we drop out of the present, and into the past and future (as we judge our circumstances), we may begin to experience stress in a very unhealthy, non-productive way.

The Value of Meditation

One of the many values of meditation is that, regardless of which form you practice, it calms your mind, bringing your focus to the present moment.  It is in this state that we are often the most able to begin finding some clarity, without the constant background noise of our internal dialogue scattering our energies.

Life Coaching and Meditation

This is also why a life coaching session may begin with a brief meditation.  It may be as simple as closing your eyes and paying attention to just your breath.  Or, at times, a simple guided meditation may help you to begin to let go of the tension of the day, moving you towards a calmer, clearer state of mind.  What a wonderful way to start a coaching session – feeling more peace and clarity as you begin the process of reconnecting with who you are and what your desires are!

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