Waking Up

Have you ever driven along a stretch of road, and then suddenly realized that you don’t remember the last 5, 10 or even 15 minutes of the trip? You were on “auto-pilot”, while your mind wandered to other places and times.

I think that we sometimes experience our lives in a similar way. We may be in jobs or relationships that are “driving themselves”, when we begin to realize that something is not quite right. We may feel unfulfilled,stressed, or have a vague sense that we are not “on purpose”, doing and being what we were meant to do and be.

Our awakenings to these realizations may occur over a period of time, or we may Waking Upexperience one of those “aha” moments. Either way, we may be left feeling unsure about what our next steps can be.

It is in these awakening moments that we have the precious opportunity to  become still, look into ourselves, and begin to connect with our true selves.  We can shed the “should’s” and “could have’s” and “shouldn’t have’s”.  We can start to tap into our dreams, our passions and our desires and find what truly inspires us.  We awaken to our lives.

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