Transition and Transformation

sunset sky

Nature in transformation

The dictionary defines transition as “movement, passage, or change from one position, state, stage, subject, concept, etc. to another”.

Transformation is defined as “change in form, appearance, nature or character”.

These terms apply to all things that we experience in life.  And when we talk about transition and transformation as it relates to individual people…….well, that’s when it get’s interesting!

We are all in transition, in one way or another.  From the simplest of perspectives, we transition as we physically move our bodies from one place to another.  But if we expand the way we think about this concept, we can start to see how we transition throughout our lives in ways that are much less tangible, yet extraordinarily impactful.  And as we transition, we become transformed.

I have transitioned over time from jobs that were more task-oriented, to jobs that were more process-oriented.  I became more of a thinker and planner. As I progressed through these job transitions, I experienced transformation.  For example, I became more confident in my abilities to problem-solve and to be a great resource for other people.

We transition and transform in so many ways: in our family relationships, in our jobs, in our friendships, in our spirituality (to name a few).  Sometimes our transformations are slow and gradual; sometimes they hit us like a ton of bricks.

Think about the events that have happened in your life, the people who you touch who touch you, your experience of the world around you, and your awareness of yourself.  You are constantly evolving and transforming.  This is your journey, your story, and it is unique to you.

Tell your story, share your journey!

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